Be the change you wish to see in the world...

- Gandhi

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Whole New Take on the "Thank You" Card

I am trying something new this month.  Every day in the month of March, I am sending a thank you card.  I have found that I feel and live my best when I am actively in a state of gratitude.  Whether it is a simple "thank you" out loud to my husband for giving my son a bath so I could finish up some emails, a written list at the end of the day in my gratitude journal, or a morning affirmation that expresses thanks for the abundance in my life, it all builds momentum towards a lifestyle of appreciation and thankfulness that feels increasingly good.

This month, I am kicking my gratitude practice up a notch with Lori Portka's Gratitude Kit.  "A Month of Thank You's" is a gift to yourself and 30 people in your life to express your love and gratitude.  The thank you can be for something big or small.  It does not matter for what you thank, as long as you do it once a day to 30 different people.  The ritual and habit of this practice will change you instantly.

I have had so much fun making my list of those to thank and being thoughtful about the reasons to thank them.  The actual ritual of addressing and mailing the card every day is becoming a habit.

I love Lori Portka's kit.  It even comes with stamps!  Her cards are beautiful and inspired.  Of course, you can use your own cards - or take it up another level and make your own!  How and who will you thank today?