Be the change you wish to see in the world...

- Gandhi

Friday, March 1, 2013

What Is Your Intention?

I was recently reminded of the importance of setting intentions during my daily meditation as I thought about what I wanted for myself for the day.  Coming off of a fun, but busy vacation and two of my children's birthday parties, I was feeling overwhelmed about all that there was to do.  As I meditated, I was quickly urged towards what I always seek - joy:  Feel it, spread it, share it!

I set my intention right there and then: "Today I will feel joy, spread joy and share joy."  And what a difference that intention made for the day.  For starters, it immediately dissipated any anxiety I was having about my to-do list and put me in a gleeful mood.  It also helped me deflect any negativity and unplanned circumstances that arose that morning (e.g. a sick child home from school and another grumpy one who didn't want to go back to school after a week's vacation).  As I journeyed from errand to errand that morning, I exuded happiness and ease (in fact, I may have held a private concert in my car, singing loud and proud).

My point to all of this is that intentions can literally make or break you.  They force you to be present in the moment, to clearly reflect on and think about what you want for yourself at a particular moment, course of the day, or goal for the month.  Intentions keep us thoughtful and purposeful.  I find them necessary to keep me in the moment and focused on my goals.  They have the power to change a bad situation into a good one and turn in a cranky mood into a joyful one.  When I am uneasy or anxious about anything, I find that when I set an intention, all goes to plan.  It is mind over matter.  We have control over our thoughts - to direct them into manifestation.  Nothing proves this better than the setting of intentions.  You can intend to have a great day when you get out of bed in the morning.  You can intend to have a peaceful time doing homework with your kids after school.  You can intend to have a safe ride in your car as you get into drive for the day.

By setting an intention, you make it clear to yourself and others what you plan to do.  You can do this for the simple things that you are faced with every day (like the examples above), but you also can do this for your dreams, hopes and wishes.  Setting intentions for these things is the first step we must take in reaching for those goals.  If you are not clear with yourself about what you want, how are you going to ask the Universe to help you get it?  And if you don't state what it is you want, how will you know the steps to get you there?  Exactly.  Intentions are critical.  Ready to set some?  Here are a few steps to get your started.

1.  Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath - inhale and exhale.

2.  Think clearly about what it is you want.

3. Say it out loud.  Write it down and look at it if the intention is part of a bigger goal (e.g. losing weight, finding a new job, getting married).

4. Now, do it.  Take a step towards that intention.  It doesn't matter if that step is big or small, as long as you do something towards the intention.  As you take that step, state your intention again out loud.  Let the words of the intention flood you and fill you purpose.  You must really believe in your intention.  The Universe is waiting to give you all that you seek.  Believe in yourself, your power to make it happen.

5. Rejoice in the steps you have taken toward your intention and keep going.

A road of intentions is the only path to success.  Get started on yours today!