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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Where To Eat: Shojin

I have had the great pleasure of dining at Shojin in downtown LA twice.  Every time I go, I wish they had one close to my South Bay home.  My wish was finally answered last month with the opening of their Culver City location!  Shojin provides excellent, vegan sushi and more.  They use organic, natural ingredients in traditional Japanese and macrobiotic dishes.

Their food is creative and artistic.  My tummy and soul is always nourished when I eat at Shojin.  I dined with non-vegan friends at the Culver City location and they loved it too.  The menu is diverse so that there is something for everyone.

Info: 12406 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, (310) 390-0033,

Setting: It looks like a hole in the wall from the outside, but the inside is artfully and elegantly decorated.  You feel you are in a fine dining oasis.

Service: Traditional Japanese - very attentive and respectful.

Kids menu: Not really.

Prices: Appetizers are $7-12; Soups are $7; Rolls are $14; Entrees are $19

What we ordered:  We started with two appetizers: Shishito Peppers & Fried Tofu and Spicy "Tuna" on Crispy Rice.  Both of these were delicious.  The Shishito Peppers were a little spicy but I really enjoyed it.  The Spicy "Tuna" was insanely delicious.  It definitely gives you the feel of spicy tuna.

We then followed with Mushroom Miso Soup.  This soup was delicious.  I love a good mushroom soup and the miso gave it a little extra something.  It thought the combo was genius.  It made me wonder, "Why have I never eaten a miso like this before?"

We ordered three rolls:  Pirates of the Crunchy (Fried tempeh and crunchy corn flakes with spicy mayo on green vegetable roll served with dynamite sauce) -  This is THE rolls of all rolls in my opinion and why I love Shojin so much.  They are so creative.  No avocado and cucumber plain rolls here.  They know how to kick it up and combine flavors and ingredients to surprise and delight your palate.  This is a must order, veegs.

Green Forest (Avocado wrapped asparagus and carrot roll, tempura broccoli and yuzu mayo on top; Served with ginger soy sauce on top) - This was a new try for me.  I really liked this one.  The sauce was delish and I loved the tempura broccoli on top - so cute!

Rocky Mountain (Avocado, cucumber and shiso inside, tempura shitake on top, served with sweet soy sauce and wasabi mayonnaise) - This is a close favorite for me with the Pirates of the Crunchy.  I have never ordered this before because it has as mushroom on top (I usually dine with my hubby who is not a fan of the 'shroom), so this was an indulgence for me.  I loved it and will order it again!

The next time you are in the mood for sushi, do yourself a favor and go to Shojin, and if you do, please let me know what you think in the comments below!