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- Gandhi

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This Is 40

VeegMama celebrates her husband's 40th birthday

My husband and partner of almost 21 years turns 40 today.  We have each spent half of our lives together, more time on this planet with each other than without.  Given this fact, I consider myself very lucky.  Lucky that we met so young, and are still together.  Lucky that we have stuck together all these years to ride this crazy roller coaster of life.  Lucky that I have had this incredible man as my partner to support and help me on my journey.  Many, many, many (oh so many) things have changed since we first met.  I don't even recognize the girl I was then, but the funny thing is, my Dave, hasn't changed a bit.  He's still the funny, smart, charming guy who lives to make me happy.   The same guy, who at 19, wooed me, (or some might say stalked), until I would go on a date with him.

We saw the movie, This Is 40, when it came out a bit ago, and I remember him laughing through the whole movie while I sat sulking and fuming, getting more agitated every minute at how close it hit to home.  I didn't want to be that hot mess of a couple.  I realize now that the couple in the movie was the real deal - messy and complicated, but in love and doing the best they could each day to honor themselves and each other.  

Dave knew this already, (which is why he was laughing - he is still teaching me to keep my sense of humor after all of these years), and one of the many reasons I love this man still after 21 years.  

Happy birthday, babe.  I'd say 40 looks pretty darn good on you!