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Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Perfect Bubble Bath

VeegMama's guide to the perfect bubble bath

I have been dreaming about luxuriating in a bubble bath for the past three weeks.  With my husband's increased travel, my #2 and #3 children's birthdays within 5 days of each other, a trip to Yosemite, and a camping trip for my Temple all happening this month (help!!!) - I am close to maxing out.  Each morning as I get ready, I stare longingly at my bathtub, abandoned except for my dog's bi-weekly bath.  So I thought, what better time to pamper myself than Valentine's week?  Tonight, while my husband is out for work and after my kids are put to bed, this is my plan for the ultimate bubble bath and relaxation-pamper fest.

1. Draw the bath.  Lush's bubble bars are my go to bubbles of choice.  Almost all of them are vegan (and denoted easily to find).  Just crumble them under running water and the magic of their essential oils is unleashed into a perfect build up of bubbles.

2. Light the candles.  For me, lighting is essential.  There are so many great candles to choose from, but Burn candles are my favorite.  

3. Ice the champagne.  Govino makes a great champagne glass that is perfect bathside.

4. Play music (or not).  Tonight I am in the mood for some Adam Levine (He is People's Sexiest Man Alive!), but sometimes I relish the sounds of silence!

Will you join me?  Well, not literally, of course!  But, seriously, indulge in a bubble bath for yourself this week - and Happy Valentine's Day to you!