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Friday, April 11, 2014

VeegMama's Passover Round Up

VeegMama's Passover Round Up

The week long celebration of the Jews' Exodus from Egypt begins on Monday.  Passover is my favorite Jewish holiday.  I revel in the production of the seder, (a special meal that tells the story of the Jews), which includes songs, masks, and wine tasting at my home.  I delight in hand picking fun, whimsical items to represent each of the plagues in the "Bag of Plagues" I create for each child at my table.  And I relish in pouring through cookbooks and blogs to create a tantalizing menu for my guests.

In the spirit of the holiday, I have rounded up all of my previous Passover posts.  From menu ideas and recipes, to activities to make your seder more fun, I have it all below. 


Check out my menu from last year's seder, including recipes with My Passover Menu.

Need some ideas for your seder?  Kick things up a notch with 10 Ideas For Your Passover Seder.

Get the recipe for Passover Pizza, one of my kids' favorite meals during the week of Passover.

Cooking With The Vegan Holiday Kitchen is a great resource for the Jewish vegan chef, featuring lots of recipes for Passover.

For more Passover inspiration, recipes, and activities, check out my Passover Pinterest board!