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- Gandhi

Monday, December 10, 2012

Is Your Glass of Wine Vegan?

I recently discovered that wine and other booze is not necessarily vegan.  I was devastated.  I love wine.  LOVE it...and champagne, even more.  I assumed, given that wine comes from grapes, it would be vegan.  I mean, who would have thought that wine needs to pass through fish scales and other body parts to achieve its vintage?  And did you know that some vinters use dairy and honey in the making of their product?  I didn't.  These things don't show up on the label, with no way of knowing what's been involved in the process unless you ask.  Yuck.  Yeah...

So, I admit that I have been living in a state of ignorance (and bliss), continuing to drink my wine, not knowing if the particular glass I am having is vegan or not.  Recently though, I received some information that has enlightened me and made me drink a lot easier.  Big smile.

Check out Barnivore.  This oh so very awesome alcohol directory has over 9900 entries, which have been checked vigorously by the Barnivore team.  I also found an app for my phone called Green Vegan that is based on data from Barnivore with over 5000 beers, 3000 wines, and 600 liquors.  No more guessing or worrying when I am out at a party, especially during this festive season.

I also recently discovered Vegan Sommelier, a wine-of-the-month club that picks the best of vegan wines and offers them in monthly packs and picks.  I bought a bottle of bubbly from them and am looking forward to popping the cork this week while I finish wrapping holiday gifts!

With these great resources, I can enjoy a cruelty free glass of wine with no problem.  I'll raise my glass to that!