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Friday, December 14, 2012

My Quest for Vegan Boots

I have been in a quest for vegan boots.  I have one pair of tall black Franco Sarto boots that I love.  I purchased them years ago, way before becoming vegan was even a glimmer in my eye.  They have served me well.  I take care of them and they make sure I look fashionable.  Unfortunately, they are leather.  When I became vegan, I proclaimed that I would not wear animal products (it felt hypocritical...I won't eat animals, but I will wear them), but I struggled with the environmental impact of getting rid of perfectly good leather boots and handbags.  So I made a compromise with myself.  If I bought anything new, it had to be vegan, but I would wear or use existing stuff I had until it was time to recycle or donate it.

Three years later, I am in the market for a new pair of boots.  I want brown this time, and I also want a black pair with a lower heel that I can wear for extended periods of walking (like in Paris, where my hubby is whisking me away for our 20th anniversary at the end of the month!).  I have been searching and searching, my friends, but a cute vegan boot is hard to find.  Moo Shoes NYC offers some cute options but they are all over $200, many for $300, and with the holiday season upon us when I am spending so much on gifts, I just couldn't spend that right now (note to self though for a splurge later in the year!).  In my search, I did find several retailers that offer vegan boots, but they just weren't my style - more grunge and granola.  I wanted a heel, something sexy and stylish.  So I kept searching.  In my quest, I became overwhelmed with options and now have many to choose from.  Here are some of my top picks:

Vegan Chic - This retailer offers some beautiful boots, between $150-$200.

Lulu's - This online storefront sells clothes, accessories and shoes.  I like that they have a 'vegan shoes' category with very stylish and on trend options (including boots!) at very affordable prices.

Planet Shoes - I found a variety of boots at this site at good prices.

The Good Fashionista - This blog is a fantastic go to for vegan shoe and handbag options.  A search for boots alone brought up some options that I hadn't known about.  I will be following her!

In the end, I settled on two pair from Alloy - the Keelan Scrunch boot and Natalie boot (pictured below).  I got these at really great prices, leaving me room to splurge on a nicer pair come January when the holiday season has been paid off my credit card!