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Friday, February 8, 2013

Meet My Acupuncturist, Dr. Susie Choi!

People say it takes a village to raise kids.  I say it takes a village to raise myself!  Seriously, self care and life management are tough.  Maintaining an inner and outer glow takes work.  I enlist a whole team (aka "Team Steph") to help me get it done!

Dr. Susie Choi L.A.C., D.A.O.M. is someone who has definitely helped me me on my good life path.  I started seeing Dr. Choi for acupuncture about four or five months ago to help with some bruising and circulation issues I have had for a long time.  Since then, I have come to view my weekly visits with Dr. Choi as an instrumental part of my weekly self care and wellness routine.  I asked Dr. Choi to share some information about acupuncture and how it can help us.

VM: What is Acupuncture and why do we need it?

SC: Acupuncture is a healing art focused on the facilitation and correction of meridian or energy (chi) channels.  Energy can be blocked from injury, stress, trauma, environmental toxicity, poor diet, or imbalance in the body.  It is the goal of the acupuncturist to harmonize these channels in order to promote optimal health and well-being. 

VM: How often should one see an Acupuncturist?

SC: Treatments geared to open these channels include acupuncture, cupping, moxa, and herbal remedies.   Treatment plans are patient specific.  Depending on the patient’s body, presentation, and disease state treatment protocols are decided from 1 to 5 treatments per week.  The average is 1 treatment per week.

VM: What chronic problems can Acupuncture help with?

SC: Any chronic diseases can be guided by acupuncture.  The most common diseases are cardiovascular, neurological, digestive, pulmonary, reproductive, musculo-skeletal, and emotional diseases.  Pain management in the acute injury phase is very responsive.

VM: Can it help with stress, weight loss, focus?  How?

SC: Different organ systems correspond to different diseases in Chinese medicine.  For example, stress is associated with the Liver meridian.  It is either blocked (stagnated) or excessive.  It is important to move the liver energy to reduce stress.

For Weight loss, it is generally associated with the spleen and stomach meridian.  Deficient or excessive energy in this area can cause weakening of the function of our digestion.   

Focus is associated with the spleen as well.  Usually a deficient spleen can cause difficulty in focus, concentration, and poor memory.  Tonifying the spleen with acupuncture and herbs will help prevent and correct these symptoms.

VM: What is the best way about incorporating Acupuncture into your life?

SC: The best way to incorporate Acupuncture into your daily life is getting treatments on regular basis in order to keep the body in balance and for preventative measures.

VM: How do you recommend finding a good Acupuncturist?

SC: The best way to find an acupuncturist is either through a referral or by seeking out one for yourself in your area by calling and asking questions. 

VM: VeegMama is all about seeking and nurturing the good life.  Can you share with my readers what the good life means to you?

SC: The good life to me is as simple as having a happy life.  It is to love yourself, and others, and to be loved.   Also, a small appreciation everyday goes a long way.

VM: I love sharing quotes.  Can you share your favorite quote?

SC: My favorite quote is from my father: “Always use your common sense. Not everyone has it.”  I think this is more true every year.

Thank you, Dr. Choi!  Below is a little more info about my fantastic acupuncturist.  Dr. Choi's office is located in Torrance.  Please leave me a note in the comments section with your email address and I'd be happy to email you her info!

Dr. Susie Choi L.A.C., D.A.O.M. is a passionate believer in providing the most effective treatments possible through integration of Eastern and Western medicine.  Raised in Southern California, Korea and Japan, Dr. Choi began her journey towards Traditional Oriental Medicine as a Pre-Med student at the prestigious Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea.  After seeing how Western medicine could not provide answers to seemingly basic ailments, Dr. Choi realized that humans do have the innate ability to heal themselves—a basic tenet of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She moved back to California and continued her education at Emperor’s College in Santa Monica.  After completing her Master's Degree in Traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Choi enrolled in the Doctorate Program at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine school in San Francisco.  Dr. Choi received her Doctorate Degree specializing in Pain management and Women's Health. As part of her training, she completed her residency at Yue Yang Hospital in Shanghai, China.

Today, Dr. Choi has cultivated her abilities as a practitioner of Chinese medicine through disciplined study and intense clinical training. Dr. Choi uses multiple modalities and techniques in her personal care including Chinese herbs and remedies, cupping, electro stimulation, and moxabustion.  But most importantly, she brings a rare energy and determination to helping her patients receive the best health care possible. 

In her spare time Dr. Choi enjoys yoga, cycling and teeing off at the local driving range!