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- Gandhi

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Which Supplements Should You Take?

I have been hearing a lot about supplements lately.  As a vegan, the only supplement I really need is B12, but I hear a lot of good chatter about Vitamin D, omega-3's...and then there's this great algae stuff, probiotics, and head starts spinning.  Am I missing out on an opportunity to amp my super powers?  I recently started taking some from Raw Trim that include omegas, wakame seaweed, and amino acids, but wonder if I should delve deeper with a professional.

Kris Carr posted a great article recently on this subject, featuring an interview with her integrative practitioner.  It has peaked my curiosity and sent me on a mission to find an integrative doctor in my area.  Anyone have any recommendations?  Click here for the interview and article.