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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Best BLT Ever!

BLT sandwich with avocado, tomato, fakin' bacon
Vegan BLT

Do you love BLT's as much as me?  If so, I have a treat for you.  My vegan take on this classic sandwich is hands down my favorite - vegan or not vegan.  Fakin' Bacon's tempeh is used for the "B" and I have added avocado to the sammy, because avocado just makes everything more yummy!  I toast sourdough bread before stacking the ingredients for the ultimate crunch factor.  I think the sourness of the bread combines beautifully with the nuttiness of the tempeh.  Are you salivating yet?  Here's the recipe.


2 slices of sourdough bread
3 slices of tempeh bacon (I love Fakin' Bacon, available at Whole Foods)
4 slices of organic tomatoes on the vine
2-3 lettuce leaves (I like to use green leaf lettuce)
4 slices of avocado
Vegennaise (I like the grapeseed variety, available at Whole Foods)
Dijon or regular mustard


1. Place bread in toaster.  While bread is toasting, pan cook the tempeh slices in an oiled skillet.

2. Spread Vegennaise and mustard on bread.

3. Top first with the lettuce leaves, then tempeh.  Add tomato and avocado.  Top with other slice of bread.  

Let me know you like it in the comments section below!