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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Is There Such a Thing As A Healthy Dessert?

Chocolate Covered Katie - Cookie Dough Dip

I used to be a huge dessert person.  Lucky for my waistline, going vegan curbed my sugar cravings.  Instead, I acquired a huge love of dark chocolate (used to just be anything chocolate!).  Still, I love a good vegan dessert every now and then, especially if I didn't have to bake it myself!  I tell people all the time that being vegan doesn't necessarily mean healthy.  There are all sorts of vegan desserts out there that are loaded with refined sugar and processed ingredients.  This article on satisfying a vegan sweet tooth in a healthy way was refreshing to read.  The blog, Chocolate Covered Katie, is my favorite healthy dessert blog.  Click here to read the article about her vegan cookie dough recipe, as well as some other healthy ways to satisfy your urge for sweets.