Be the change you wish to see in the world...

- Gandhi

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What Kind of Parent Are You?

I have talked about the importance of being present in the moment, and my goal to practice this as much as possible to truly live the good life.  But, what about being present as a parent?  I have been given numerous opportunities lately where I have been reminded to stop what I am multi-tasking and just "be" with my kids.  Do you know what I mean...checking email on your phone while you and your preschooler do an art project together?  Or maybe it's sending out some documents as you sit alongside your daughter while she is doing homework.  Then there is making my meal plan and grocery list during family movie time.  I mean, seriously Stephanie, sometimes I just want to shake myself and yell "Stop!"  What I know for sure is that kids are smart.  They know when you are not 100% with them.  My kids don't want part of me.  They want my complete attention and participation.  I bet yours do too.

My kids notice when I am checking email or multi-tasking here and there - and they call me out on it. And thank goodness!  I need that jolt to remind me to put down whatever it is I am doing and be with them.  Now, I realize there are times when it is necessary - and completely okay - to have to multi-task.  For example, I think it is a good use of time to finish work alongside my kids as they do their homework.  I would like to challenge myself (and you), however, to organize one's self and priorities to put aside those other things during that key time when the kids want to be with you - the art project, the family movie, the board game.  The grocery list can get done later and you'll enjoy the movie (and snuggle time with your munchkins) so much more fully.

I discovered this 10 minute video that gives some insights (and mostly encouragement that we are not alone!) on this topic.  Click here to watch.