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- Gandhi

Monday, May 13, 2013

Do You Fascinate?

I love tests and quizzes.  You know, the ones in women's magazines or online?

What type of friend are you?  
What is your parenting style?  
What is your celebrity style?  

In college, I was involved in a lot of leadership positions, and we were given the Myers Briggs personality test.  It categorizes your personality type and explains how you interact best with other types, as well as points out compatible career choices.  I found this intriguing and fun.  (Is that nerdy?!!)

When Marie Forleo posted this video last week on a new personality test by Sally Hogshead, my inner quiz geek was tickled and my curiosity peaked.  Fascinate (as she calls it) is a test about how others see you instead of how you see yourself.  With this information, she explains, you can better learn how to influence others and market your skills - or in other words, "How can you be more fascinating to others?"  As someone with a Masters degree in marketing, I say, "Brilliant!"

She also has a book (I started reading it last week).  Check it out.  What is your fascination archetype?