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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Favorite Mother's Day Gifts Made By The Kids

Some of my favorite Mother's Day gifts (or any gifts for that matter) are those that my children made me: the poem my daughter wrote in kindergarten, the jewelry box that the kids painted and decorated, and the seashell frame that holds my other daughter's photo.  I love gifts from my kids.  Homemade and personalized items are the best in my book.  For this Mother's Day, I plan to have the kids put a few things together for their grandmas.  Here are some of my favorite ideas for the kids to make.

"Reasons" Jar - Tie a ribbon around an ordinary jar or container and have your kids fill it with slips of paper penned in their own handwriting with reasons they love grandma.

Grandma-isms book - I like this book from Mixbook.  Add your favorite photos to complement quotations of your kids' favorite things that Grandma says and does or use poetry and quotations about mothers next to your photos.

Magnets - These pebble magnets are so cute and so easy!  Cut a picture to size and glue it under the glass marble.  Add a circle magnet to the back.

Hand/Foot Art - Using stamp pads or washable paint, place a handprint or footprint on a piece of art paper or canvas.  When it is dry, have your child use the print to make a picture using other art supplies.  Ideas include butterflies, caterpillars, royal crowns...the possibilities are limitless.

Handmade Coupons - Create a template on the computer for the kids to fill in or let them write out and draw their own.  Come up with a list of things that the kids can gift and have them fill out the "coupons."  Put together in a cute booklet and/or tie them with a ribbon.

Movie Trailer - This is a great one for the older kids.  My daughter has a new app that she loves where she can make movie trailers herself - using her own video and pictures.  What if she cast Grandma as the star?  Mix in some family photos and whatever else your kids' creativity comes up with and you've got a gift that Grandma will be watching again and again!

Paperweights and Inspiration Stones - I love the one my daughter made me, decorated with glitter stickers!  Take a smooth rock and use paint, stickers, or whatever craft supplies you have on hand to let your little one create a masterpiece on stone.

Do you have any favorite kids gifts to share?  I'd love to hear them in the comments section below.