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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Happiest Vegan on Earth

My in-laws gifted my family with Disneyland/California Adventure season passes this past holiday season.  It has been a real treat.  We have been enjoying the parks about every other month since January.  We have gone enough now where I have scoped out my favorite places to eat.  I was surprised to find several vegetarian and vegan options at many of the restaurants.  I haven't tried all of these yet, but below is my go-to list for dining vegan at The Happiest Place on Earth.

California Adventure

Schmoozies - (Located in Hollywood) I haven't tried this yet, but looks fantastic - a smoothie bar at an amusement park!
Flo's Taste In - (Located in Cars Land) This is set up like an "open market" and offers fresh fruit and juices.
The Lucky Fortune Cookery - (Located on the Pacific Wharf) This restaurant offers Asian rice bowls featuring rice, vegetables, your choice of meat (including tofu) and your choice of sauce.
Ariel's Grotto - (Located in Paradise Pier) For finer dining, this restaurant offers character dining with the Disney Princesses!  There are many pasta vegetarian options that you can veganize by asking your server.
Goofy's Fly School - (Located by Pacific Wharf) There is a great Mediterranean to-go restaurant right next to Goofy's Fly School that has become my favorite place to order lunch.  You order at a walk-up window.  They offer kebobs (including a veggie/tofu variety) with a choice of four sauces (I get the chimichurri).  It is served with rice pilaf, pita, and cucumber salad.  It is delicious.


Plaza Inn (Located in Main Street U.S.A.) - This is set up like a buffet and has pasta and salad options.
Tomorrow Land Terrace (Located in Tomorrow Land) - There is a great veggie burger and fries at this stop.

For more info on dining at The Happiest Place on Earth, click here for links to the parks' maps where you can view write-ups on all of their dining options.

Did I miss something?  Please let me know if there is a vegan dining option at Disneyland that isn't included above.  I would love to add it to my go-to list!