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- Gandhi

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Nekter Cleanse

I have been wanting to do a juice cleanse for a while now.  My interest was based on several reasons: I knew many people who had done one and found the benefits of a raw, liquid diet to be especially cleansing for the mind, body and spirit.  I also love juicing myself, but have always limited myself to my one morning green juice every day, never venturing beyond that, (despite the many juice recipes and books I own on the subject).  My last influence in wanting a juice cleanse was the weight loss benefits I had read about.  As someone actively working on losing "those last few pounds," I had recently hit a plateau even with increased exercise and reduced daily calorie goals.  I thought a juice cleanse might be just what I needed to get me to the next level.

Lucky for me, the opportunity to try a juice cleanse landed right in my neighborhood.  Nekter, an all natural, raw, vegan juice bar just opened up in Manhattan Beach.  (They also have locations in Costa Mesa, Corona del Mar, Newport Beach, Laguna Niguel, Long Beach, Anaheim Hills, Mission Viejo, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Westwood, and Brea.)  This great juice stop offers juices and smoothies ranging from $4.75 (for 16 ounces) to $8.50 (for 32 ounces).  They also sell acai bowls and wheatgrass and ginger shots.  You can make your own juice or smoothie or try one of their formulated concoctions.  

In addition to their juice and smoothie offerings, they have 2 cleanse options: Classic or Advanced.  It includes six 16.9 ounce bottles of unique, delicious blends of vegetable and fruit juices and a yummy vanilla bean nut milk for dessert at the end of the day.  I chose the Advanced Cleanse, which featured more greens and straight veggies like beets than the Classic.  I really enjoyed this cleanse, felt great, and had a major uplift in energy (I seriously didn't think that was possible).  I drank a bottle about every 2-3 hours and never felt hungry.  The juices were fresh and delicious, full of ripe, vibrant flavors.  I was really impressed with how good and fresh they all tasted.  As far as weight loss, I successfully lost a couple of pounds and got myself under my plateau, which has propelled me into further weight loss.  I also lost inches, which was an unexpected surprise.  Most of all, I think the cleanse helps shift your mindset about how you eat and how much.  As a vegan, I already eat very clean, but this cleanse showed me how I can incorporate juices as snacks and meals into my day to give me an energy and weight loss boost without feeling hungry or deprived.

To get your cleanse, call or visit your local store and order 48 hours in advance.  You will pick up all your bottles at once.  They give you a cute cooler bag to store them in for when you are on the go.  For more info on the Nekter Cleanse, click here.