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- Gandhi

Friday, August 9, 2013

Do Plants Feel Pain?

As a vegan, I am often chided into debates about how I can justify not eating animals, but I'll kill a plant.  These conversations are often said in jest, intended to get a rise from me, but recently, as I was in one such discussion, it got me thinking...Can plants feel pain?   I did some investigating and there is some extensive research on this topic.  I was fascinated with studies that indicated that not only can plants possibly feel, but they can also taste and see as well.  Plants' reactions to their environments clearly demonstrates a responsiveness that these sentient beings possess.  While doing my reading on the topic, I came upon this article, which I think presents some interesting info to reflect upon.

Although I won't be starting a "save the plants" campaign any time soon, I cannot help but start to think about plants more intelligently - and appreciate them all that more as I look to them to provide me sustenance.  I would LOVE to hear your opinions on this topic.  What do you think?  Do plants feel pain?  And if they do, would you feel bad eating them?