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- Gandhi

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Live More Creatively Now With Just One Click!

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I love meeting awesome, creative people living their passions, and I get giddy when I discover beautiful, fun ideas for better living.  I knew Brit Morin, founder of Brit + Co. was one of these awesome folks when I heard her speak on a panel at BlogHer this past summer, and that her website, Brit and Co. was an online community that was going to rock my good living world.  

Brit and Co. is the manifestation of her creativity and technology background working with Google and You Tube.  It is a cornucopia of ideas and projects focused on "creative living."  This online community is DIY content for living beautifully.  Brit and her team have collected websites, apps, software, tutorials, products, recipes, and ideas to make life more creative, colorful, and functional.

I am grateful!

I look forward to my weekly newsletter that rounds up the site's latest ideas.  I always leave the site feeling inspired.  Brit and Co. also offers monthly do-it-yourself kits via a monthly subscription service, as well as solo DIY kits and products.  If you haven't checked out Brit and Co. yet, do it now!  (You can thank me later!)