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- Gandhi

Friday, September 27, 2013

To Be Or Not To Be...Organic

Organic vs non-organic article on VeegMama

I try to buy organic foods whenever they are available.  Given all of the pesticides and chemicals that are put in our food these days, organic is one measure I can take to ensure I am eating healthy.  Kris Carr recently put out this great guide to organic food - the reasons for it, the players, and solutions.  It provides a great overview and landscape of the organic farming industry.  There is also a link to Environmental Working Group's Grow Organic petition, urging the government to support organic farming with substantial farming over the next few years.  Click here to read the article.

I think this information is great, and it has me thinking about access to organic foods.  With the higher price points, are we only ensuring that the wealthy can afford to provide chemical-free food to their families?  How do we grow pesticide-free food that is affordable for families of all income levels?  Is it even sustainable to live in an all organic farming world?  Do we have enough land to support the methods of organic farming vs conventional farming, as there are different issues involved?  I pose these questions to get the conversation going and get us thinking.  There is nothing more important than our health, for which can only thrive with good nutrition.  It starts with our food.  Where do you fall - organic vs non-organic?