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Friday, September 20, 2013

Snack Duty!

Kid Snack Ideas from VeegMama

School is in session, and if you have kids, that means snack duty isn't far away.  Between Girl Scout meetings, soccer games, and after school activities, snack sign ups are filling up my calendar.  I like to keep it fun and healthy when it comes to group snacks, while also giving the kids a special treat.  Here are a few ideas for your next snack attack!

Fruit kebobs
These are super easy to make and the kids love them.  Cut up bit size pieces of apples, pineapple, or watermelon (I ask my kids what they'd like), and skewer onto sticks with strawberries and grapes.  

Bagel sandwiches
Slice mini bagels and fill them with nut butters or vegan cream cheese and fruit.  This also works with hummus and veggies like cucumber and tomato.  If you are able, you can lay out the spreads and toppings and let the kids make their own, instead of pre-assembling.

Crackers and spreads
It's my vegan take on "cheese and crackers" that come in those pre-packs.  Serve stacks of crackers alongside spreads like hummus or peanut butter.

Fill mini bags with fresh popped popcorn.  Bring along shakers of seasonings such as cinnamon sugar, vegan parmesan cheese and nutritional yeast for the kids to flavor as they like.

Chips and salsa
Purchase little containers from Smart and Final and fill with salsa.  Place in a small paper bag (you can find them in the $1 section at Target some times) with tortilla chips and you have a fun snack with lots of crunch.  You can also do this with pita chips and hummus, or veggie sticks and dip.

My kids love Otterpops.  Big Sticks would work great too.  Be sure to bring wipes!

Rice crispy treats
I made a batch of these with Dandies vegan marshmallows and dairy-free chocolate chips for a soccer treat earlier this month.  They were a huge hit with the kids.

Snack Mix
Make your own sweet and savory blend of pretzels, nuts, dried fruit and chocolate chips - or bring the ingredients and let the kids mix up their own!