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Friday, November 29, 2013

My Vegan Vegas

I was in Las Vegas last week for The Latin GRAMMY's.  Since going vegan four years ago, Vegas has become a lot more vegan friendly.  We stayed at The Four Seasons because that was where the show took place, but we spent a lot of time at the Encore and Wynn, eating at the hotel's many restaurants.  Steve Wynn, owner both hotels, is vegan, and has ensured that his restaurants feature not only vegan dining options, but also gourmet, delicious options that would please any carnivore!

I literally ate my way through the trip!  Here's a play by play for each of my meals!

Wednesday night dinner:
We were invited as guests at The Latin GRAMMY Person of the Year Tribute dinner, honoring Miguel Bose.  The event was held at Mandalay Bay.  From my experience, vegan banquet dinners are usually a plate of vegetables or pasta with marinara sauce.  Upon my arrival, I immediately informed the wait staff that I was vegan, and was pleasantly surprised by their "no problem" response.  This is what they brought me:

Vegan meal at Latin GRAMMY Person of the Year Dinner

Breaded tofu on a sweet potato puree, served with roasted vegetables and quinoa mashed potato croquettes.  Wow, this was sooooo good.  For dessert, I was served a gorgeous fruit plate.

Thursday brunch/lunch:
After staying out until 3:30 in the morning, we didn't make it to "breakfast" until 1 the next afternoon, but I still wanted brunch!  The Society Cafe had a "Vegan Benedict" on the menu that I was dying to try.  But before I had that, I had t sample the vegan tomato bisque.  I had a small cup as an appetizer.  Here's what it looked like:

The Society Benedict's Vegan Benedict and Tomato Bisque

They make the Hollandaise sauce with sriacha, which gave the dish a delicious kick.  I loved this meal.

Thursday night dinner:
After the show, my husband entertained clients at a restaurant called Fleur at The Mandalay Bay.  It was a dinner for 14 with a tasting menu, but he let them know ahead of time that there was one vegan (me!).  When we arrived, they already had my own menu ready to go!  It was amazing.  

The vegan tasting menu at Fleur Las Vegas

First course: Mixed green salad with green apples and tangy vinaigrette

Second course: Golden and red beet salad (This was one of my favorite dishes of the trip.)

Third course: Roasted Brussels sprouts

Fourth course: Vegetable fried rice

Fifth course: Grilled Gardein chicken served with vegetables

Sixth course: Citrus sorbet with a sweet basil drizzle served alongside shaved pineapple.  It was garnished with edible flowers.  This dessert was delicious and so beautiful to look at it.  I have never had pineapple served this way.  

Vegan dessert at Fleur Las Vegas

Friday breakfast:
We journeyed back to The Society Cafe because I had to have the vegan French toast (prepared with bananas and vanilla creme).  They did not disappoint.

vegan French toast at Society Cafe in Las Vegas

Friday lunch:
We ate a light late lunch at Wazuzu.  I ordered the vegan crunchy roll (amazing!) and sage dumplings (so so so good).  I couldn't resist the vegan brownie sundae on the dessert menu, so my husband I shared that for dessert.

Vegan crunchy roll and sage dumplings at Wazuzu Las Vegas

Friday dinner:
We ate at Lakeside Seafood.  Their vegan menu was overwhelming - so many delicious looking choices.  I settled on the Risotto Balls as my starter, Crab Cakes for main course with the Oyster Mushrooms as a side.  I wanted to keep eating, but could only make it through half the crab cakes and mushrooms.  This was one of the best gourmet vegan meals I have had.  

Vegan dinner at Lakeside Seafood in Las Vegas

This was a dream trip for vegan eating.  I highly recommend the Wynn for vegan dining if you are staying in Vegas.  My husband and I will be staying there for our next visit because of all the great dining options!