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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cute Ways To Display Holiday Cards

The holiday cards are rolling in these days.  I love opening these envelopes of "happy" with sweet pictures of our friends and family.  I look forward to opening the mail during the month of December with a heightened expectation of whose card will be delivered in my mailbox each day.  I consider myself special to receive a family's card, knowing the time, expense, and thought that went into creating and mailing it.  Displaying the cards is not something I take lightly, wanting to honor the sentiment with which the card was meant, and adding to the holiday decor and cheer in my home.  

For many years, I displayed our bounty of cards on my small stair landing.  By the end of the month, it turned into one big card pile up with cards falling on top of each other.  Last year, I thought I could do better, so I tried my mom's display method.  She hangs them on ribbons from her staircase.  This worked so well, and added such a nice element to my home's decor, that I am doing it again this year.  I share it with you below, along with some other cute ideas I have come across for displaying those holiday cards.

Holiday card display with ribbons
Staircase of ribbons - This is super easy and fun to do. I purchased decorative ribbon from Michael's and hung the cards on them using colored paper clips.  Storage is simple too.  The ribbons roll up easily to keep for the next year.

Wall art with holiday cards
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Wall Art Canvas - I found this cute idea from Pens and Needles.  I think it is a great way to add to the holiday decor in your home, while showcasing your card.  The assembly is easy too and you just need a few supplies - foam board, fabric, decorative ribbon, and glue gun/sticks (though, I bet a staple gun could work too over an art canvas).

Wall star for Christmas Card display
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Christmas (or Hanukkah) Star - I really, really, really want to try this one next year!  I found the idea on One Good Thing By Jillee after I had already hung my card ribbons or I would have tried it for this year.  I think I can change this up with a Star of David, making it a perfect complement to our Hanukkah decor.

How do you display your holiday cards?  Please share in the comments section below.