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- Gandhi

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Free Birds!

VeegMama's movie review of Free Birds

I finally had the chance to see Free Birds last week with my kiddos.  As you can imagine, it was the perfect movie to watch during Thanksgiving week.  Owen Wilson plays "Reggie" and Woody Harrelson plays "Jake" (the fact that Woody is a huge animal rights activist and long -time vegan was not lost on me.)  Jake pulls Reggie into a time-travelling mission that takes them back to the first Thanksgiving, where if successful, they will clear turkeys from the holiday menu forever.  No spoiler alert here.  You'll have to go and see the movie in theaters if you want to know if they succeed.

The movie was fun and entertaining, and a hit with my kids.  The writing was witty, appealing to both kids and adults.  The all-star cast, also featuring Amy Poehler, (one of my favorites), brought the characters to life in dynamic color.  I really enjoyed it and recommend it for families this holiday season.

As I sat throughout the movie, watching Jake and Reggie's plight to free the "flock," I couldn't help but think about how unfortunate that real turkeys don't have a Jake and Reggie fighting for their freedom.  It made me realize more than ever that we, (animal lovers/activists/saviors), have to be their heroes.  We have to stand up for injustice - senseless cruelty to animals and their needless suffering at humans' expense. Four years into being a vegan, I still do not understand people's desire to eat animals when delicious, healthier food is available meat and dairy free.  I have a hard time understanding how people, knowing the damage and negative effects that animal products have on our bodies and our planet, still continue to purchase and eat them.  There is no kind way to raise animals for food - cage-free and free range included.  

If a healthier, kinder option is available, why not give it a try?  When sustaining oneself without animal products is not only readily available, but also feasible and healthier for all, why not choose animal free?

I am hoping Jake and Reggie inspire a few to make that choice this holiday season.  Free Birds is a movie that celebrates the spirit of freedom.  It is a movie about survival against all odds.  It is about not giving up, no matter how overwhelming the task (I mean, these birds had to travel in time!).  Enjoy the movie and let me know if it influences you to go animal-free in any way.