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Monday, January 20, 2014

My Scrapbook Play Date

VeegMama's Scrapbooking Day with Embellish It!

You might not know this about me: I am a scrapbooker.  True, I don't do it nearly as often as I used to, but I have a dedicated scrap area (converted closet with scrap table and shelves) and more supplies than I could ever use!  During my most productive days, I scrapbooked 1-2 times a week, adding to my plethora of on-going albums: monthly albums for each child and a monthly family album;  individual portrait albums (for each child and each sides of our family); birthday albums; Valentine album; Halloween album…the list goes on.  Alas, I am quite behind in my monthly albums.  I think I am still back in 2011, trying to catch up!  It doesn't matter.  Whenever I sit down to let my creativity flow and paste those pictures to the pages of vibrant scrapbook paper, I am in my "happy place."  I love it so much.

When I am very lucky, I get to have scrap play dates with my sis.  Once a year, we make a day of it and go to Embellish It!'s Play All Day event.  We have been going the past few years and it is always a blast.  We take classes and spend the rest of the time catching up on projects.  We had such a play date this past Saturday in Anaheim.  It was wonderful.  

Embellish It! gave us two kits - (2) two-page layouts and (1) card kit (with about 6 cards).  These kits are the best.  Whether you are new or seasoned when it comes to scrapbooking, kits are your best friend.  They do the creativity and planning for you, while you still have the ability to add your flare and touch with how you put it all together.  Of course, you also have the option to follow the kit step by step, and not have to do any thinking.  Kits also free up your time by providing you with all of the supplies together.  The paper and embellishments are all coordinated and gathered for you.  

Kits are my favorite way to "speed scrap" so I can just get the pictures into an album get the layouts done!  With the amazing products and lines available today, the layouts don't look like I made them in a flash.  These are some of my favorites:

Embellish It! - Love their page and card kits.  They also have great album kits.

SEI - Their 1-hour albums are lifesavers.  I love, love, love these.  They also have some really cute craft and project kits.

Creating Keepsakes - No longer publishing their magazine, this company has a great online store with wonderful projects and kits.  

Do you scrapbook?  What are your favorite products and lines?