Be the change you wish to see in the world...

- Gandhi

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Daily Meditation To Free Yourself

VeegMama's daily meditation

I used to hold on to a lot of stuff...

  • Ideas about what I am supposed to look like and how I am supposed to behave 
  • Expectations from others if I didn't do what they thought I should do
  • Anxiety and worry about being criticized or judged
  • Past grudges, hurts, and resentments
  • Mistakes that I made
  • The list goes on and on...
I have spent many years working on myself, searching for my inner calling, my life purpose, and true joy.  I have never been clearer in my journey than now, when I tell you that none of those things are worth holding on to.  It has been a gradual realization, but then suddenly, it became so clear recently. This baggage does not serve me in my pursuit of joyful living.  It is unproductive and it weighs me down (literally, my neck and shoulders ache from the weight of it all.)  It gets me nowhere further on my path.  In fact, it sets up roadblocks and detours that have slowed me down to getting me to right where I am now - happy and on my way.

So, I have started to let go, and in the process, let it go.  This is such a profound realization for me - let go and you will let it go.  I have reflected on this thought repeatedly during my daily meditations.  I have let go of anger and resentment, worry and anxiety, frustration and fear.  I may only release these feelings for 5 to 15 minutes during the day, as I meditate towards inner calm, but something more meaningful has started to change.  When I come out of my meditation, I am changed.

I have started loving, becoming nicer to myself, as well as those who had "wronged me" in my head somehow.  I find it easier to release judgment of myself for mistakes or choices I thought were wrong, and instead have begun to embrace what is.

Because...I want to feel good.  And this holding onto stuff business doesn't feel good.  No part of it does.  

Try the following as a mantra or affirmation daily:

Close your eyes.  Inhale deeply and exhale.  As you exhale, say "Let go."

Visualize whatever you are holding onto, and watch it release from your body, your hands, your existence.  Watch it dissolve and disappear until it is no more. 

Continue this several times.  Inhale and "let go."

Let go of the past hurts and the self-imposed limitations.   Release them and make room for love, joy, and laughter.

What are you holding on to that is limiting you from living the most joyful, fulfilling life you could have?  Whatever it is, let go of it now.  Free yourself and make room for much joy to replace it.