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- Gandhi

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sugar Free Valentines

My kids and I love to make Valentines together for their classmates.  This year, the schools are coming down harder than ever on their "no candy" policy.  I poured through Pinterest and rounded up these great sugar free alternatives:

no candy valentines

Friendship bracelets - With the rainbow loom craze going around right now, I think these would be a hit with the kids!

no candy valentines

Bookmarks - This is my go-to classroom "favor" for birthdays because it encourages kids to read. These owl designs are super cute.  My daughter and I hole punched the top and tied some colorful ribbon through for a little extra touch.

no candy valentines

Rulers - These are so clever and are also useful for the classroom.

no candy valentines

Jokes - My kids love to tell jokes, so I thought these would be popular with their friends.  You can print these free download and have your kids color and decorate them, or just cut and paste to colorful cardstock.  Simple and cute!

Have a handmade valentine to share?  I'd love to see it.  Please comment below or send me a pic at  Happy valentines making!!