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- Gandhi

Monday, February 24, 2014

Creating A Sacred Space

VeegMama's Steps for Creating a Sacred Space

While reading Denise Linn's Soul Coaching last month, one of the assignments was to create a "sacred space" - a space that honors the sacred aspects of life, sort of like an altar or temple that can assist you on your journey towards peace, love, joy and all of your other desires in life.  It is not necessarily religious, but rather something that connects you to Source, Universe, or whatever name you have for the higher Being that connects us all.

I dug this assignment.  Count me in for any opportunity to create a tranquil, personal space for reflection and meditation!  It was actually a great excuse to makeover the space in my bathroom I already had.  It had lost the initial luster I created for it years ago and as such, I was using the space less and less.  Within just 15 minutes, I recreated the space with a few things I already had around the house.  Now, I use it daily to do my morning ritual and meditate.  I also come to this space any time I need to go inward, reflect on an issue, or calm my nerves.  I love my new space!

Here are my quick and easy steps to create your own sacred space.

1. Find a location.  The space does not need to be large.  (Mine occupies only half a bathroom counter.) No matter the size, it should include some type of table, counter or flat surface upon which you can place objects/items that you consider sacred.  

Something else to keep in mind when choosing your space is the location in your house.  It should be somewhere private (or that you can make private with either a room screen or by shutting a door).  It should be an area that feels calm and tranquil.  I placed mine near a window directly facing the ocean, because the ocean soothes me.  

Make sure you have a stool or cushions nearby so that you can access the space easily whenever you want, and that you are comfortable.

2. Gather your objects.  These can include books, affirmation cards, candles, crystals or stones, statues - whatever is meaningful and special to you.  

3. Pick something from nature.  Bringing nature into the space is helpful to connect us to our higher Being and remind us of our Creator.  I used sand and seashells in my space because that's what I connect to most in nature.  Maybe you love flowers.  Keep a vase with fresh blooms in your space.  If you love the mountains, perhaps a bowl of pine cones speaks to you.  A terrarium with succulents would also work well, as would a plant or anything else that represents nature to you.  

4. Arrange your objects.  This the fun part!  Move your things around until they are displayed exactly how you want them.  

5. Use and enjoy your space daily!

I would love to see your sacred spaces.  Email them to me at or Instagram them with the hashtag #VeegmamaSpaces.