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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Where To Eat: Veggie Grill

VeegMama's restaurant review of Veggie Grill

I am such a fan of Veggie Grill, (crave their All Hail Kale Salad like a drug!), that I cannot believe that I have never blogged about this great vegan restaurant.  I met a friend there for lunch recently and tried out one of their new Winter bowls.  Now, I have another favorite item on the menu! 

Everything at Veggie Grill is vegan - the sauces, dressings, everything!  I love that I can order anything I want without having to scrutinize the menu.  Even four years into being vegan, I still get excited when I can order anything from the menu. If you are a transitioning vegan, this is a great restaurant because it offers a lot of the faux meats - chicken and beef - that can be helpful when you first go veeg.  I am not so much into that anymore, but they also offer tempeh and other veggie based dishes, (like that awesome All Hail Kale Salad I mentioned above), that are fantastic.  Here are the details:

Info:  It is a chain with several locations all over Los Angeles.  I frequent the El Segundo (720 Allied Way) and Torrance (2533 Pacific Coast Highway) locations most often.  Visit for other restaurants.

Setting: Casual - you order at the counter, and the food is served to you at a table.

Service: Friendly 

Kids menu: Yes ($5 and includes a drink)

Prices: Entrees are $8-10; Sides are $3-4; Desserts are $2-5

What I order: The All-Hail Kale Salad is my go to.  I also love the Savory Kale Caesar.  My favorite sides are the Herb Roasted Veggies, Sweetheart Fries (served with an amazing chipotle ranch), and Steamin' Kale.  The Bombay Bowl was delicious.  They have a Chocolate Pudding Parfait that is better than any non vegan version I have ever had.  

Is your mouth watering yet?  Check out Veggie Grill and let me know what you think!