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- Gandhi

Monday, February 3, 2014

Something Powerful To Start Your Day

VeegMama's Guide To Starting Your Day

I am a creature of habit.  I like order, routine, and schedules.  Recently, I've used this fact about myself to create something powerful and spiritual: a morning ritual.  After a month of practice, I am basking in the light of a start to the day that energizes and ignites me.  It is quite simple, actually.  Just a few, basic actions that I do every day, in the same order, day after day.  It is quiet, still, reflective time set aside for myself that I guard as sacred (My family can attest to this when they rise earlier than normal and interrupt this time!).  

The impact of my morning ritual has been tremendous.  I now greet the day with enthusiasm and zest, as opposed to disgruntled reluctance to pull myself out from under the covers!  I am calmer as the hurriedness and busy-ness of my day picks up.  I am also more focused on my goals and tasks set aside for the particular day.  I am more productive.  I am happier.  I smile more.  I am more grateful and I express it more often.  I feel lighter, less stressed, less anxious, and less overwhelmed, in general.  

Anyone can create a morning ritual.  The key is to personalize a routine that wakens your inner greatness and revs your engine.  Choose things that feel good to you because if it doesn't feel good, you won't want to keep doing it over and over again.  Pick actions that come easily and leave you craving for more.  This is how a habit will form.

Ready to create your own morning ritual?  Here are few ideas to get you started.  May they inspire you to create a routine all your own that ignites your fire every day!

  • Choose a soothing way to wake every morning.  This could be a sound, song, genre of music, recorded affirmation, etc.  Avoid the typical alarm buzzer...I mean really, how can we expect enlightenment and calm with such a jolt to our senses first thing in the morning?!!!
  • Drink something light upon rising to awaken your digestion system slowly (for example, a cup of tea, hot water and lemon, a glass of room temperature water).
  • Clear your head.  You could write your thoughts down in a journal, go for a run, make a list of everything on your mind, or all of the above.  The important thing is to dump whatever is on your mind and free yourself from anxiety and worry.  
  • Meditate.  I have blogged about my enthusiasm for meditating several times.  Starting the day with such a spiritual practice connects you with the greater Being that is the Source of all your desires.  I believe that the closer we are all to this Source, the more joyful our lives, our world, and this planet will become.
Here's my morning ritual:
  • Rise and have a cup of hot water with lemon.
  • Read something inspirational. 
  • Journal 2-3 pages.
  • Meditate for 5-10 minutes.
  • I also like to work some kind of physical activity into the routine when I have time - whether it be a specific exercise workout, a walk with the dog, or just a series of stretches, I find that moving first thing in the morning is just as good for my mind as it is my body.  
The whole routine takes 30-40 minutes (an hour - 1 1 /2 if I add exercise).  What is your morning ritual?