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- Gandhi

Friday, January 31, 2014

Join Me For Lunch At Fresh Brothers!

Lunch at Fresh Brothers Pizza with VeegMama

I have been a huge fan of Fresh Brothers since they launched their first restaurant in Los Angeles just a few short years ago.  They now have nine locations in SoCal with plans for two more in development.  There are many things that make them stand out from other pizza places - their deliciously, fresh ingredients...their signature pizza dough....their unique sauce blends...their mouth-watering salads.  In addition to their fantastic menu and food, they have an outstanding community presence and pride themselves on giving back to the neighborhoods they serve.  They are also innovative thinkers, always being health minded. Since their launch, they have offered a vegan cheese option for their pizzas (soy and casein free), as well as a gluten-free crust.  Fresh Brothers is my go-to place for pizza!

They are at it again and kicking things up a notch with a whole set of vegan menu items.  I have been invited, along with a few of my readers to try them out!  I'd love you to be my guest at lunch in February.  Email me at to join me.