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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

3 Easy Switch Outs To Make It Gluten Free

VeegMama's gluten free recipe switch outs
I posted recently about my decision to limit gluten in my diet.  I received some great feedback from you (thank you!) and thought I would share some of the easiest ways I have replaced wheat products in my every day meals.  It hasn't taken much thought or effort, to be honest, and I feel so much better.  I discovered that I eat bread and gluten mostly with Italian (pasta and bread), and Mexican meals (burritos and enchiladas).  It would also make an appearance when making wraps or sandwiches, and of course, there is the baking.  In addition to switching out whole wheat with the other products below, I have also changed up my menus - more salads and soups instead of wraps and sandwiches.  As for baking, there are great gluten-free flours available at Whole Foods, and I couldn't do without Julie's Original gluten-free, vegan baking mixes.  When making croutons or breadcrumbs, I have discovered a vegan, gluten-free bread at Trader Joe's.  

As for the switch-outs, here's what I am using:        

1. Corn: Corn tortillas make great "wrappers" for burritos and and salads.  I also used them in an enchilada casserole I made instead of whole wheat tortillas.  Trader Joe's also sells a corn pasta that is gluten free that I served with my vegan "meat" sauce and it tasted great.

2. Quinoa: Instead whole wheat pasta and other gluten grains, I use quinoa varieties of pasta togive me the "bulk" I am craving in a bowl.  Millet is another easy option.  I have replaced the bulgur in my tabbouleh recipe with millet and it tastes just as good.  Tossing either of these gluten-free grains into a soup is also a great option to add a little something extra to your pot. 

3. Nori: Seaweed makes a great wrap in place of sandwich or wrap.  Stuff it with a great salad, veggies and hummus, or avocado and lemon juice.  I seriously don't miss the bread.

Super simple and very delish.  Try using one switch out and see if your tummy feels lighter and looks flatter.  Let me know if you do!