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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Where To Eat: The Source Cafe

VeegMama's review of The Source Cafe Hermosa Beach

It seems I am a bit late to the fabulous The Source Cafe in Hermosa Beach.  Friends have been singing its praises for months, telling me I would love it with its fresh, organic, and vegan options. I finally treated myself there last week and am looking for an excuse to go back soon!  

I love so many things about this cafe.  It features fresh juices, smoothies and "elixirs" that celebrate the bounty of a plant-based diet.  I also am in deep gratitude for the multitude of vegan dessert options and muffins.  They offer gluten-free wraps for their sandwiches, and they have a variety of vegan spreads - cashew cream spread and a spicy hummus.   They also offer coconut and almond milk for your coffee and tea, and make an in-house, homemade almond milk.  They clearly are catering to the veegs and earth conscious.

Aside from the great tasting food, the restaurant is quaint and cozy, everything I would expect from my local, neighborhood cafe.  The staff was cheery and sweet.  I'd love to hang out for a morning or afternoon there.

Here are the details:

Info: 509 Pier Avenue, Hermosa Beach; (310) 318-1600;

Setting: Cozy beach-style cafe

Service:  The staff was super helpful in explaining the menu and highlighting the vegan options.  I ordered takeout, but there are several tables inside and out to stay for your meal.

Kids Menu:  No, but kids would love the smoothies, paninis/wraps, and most stuff from the "Edible Garden" section of the menu.

Prices: "Edible Garden" $5-$12; Salads $8-11; Paninis and Wraps $9.5-$12; Elixirs $3.75- $8; Smoothies $8-$10.50

What I ordered: I ordered the Rawsome salad and the Turmeric Tonic elixir.  The salad was fresh and tasty.  I am dying to try the Kale salad next time.  I enjoyed the tonic (made with turmeric, lemon, ginger, cayenne, cinnamon, and apple cider vinegar), although it was a little heavy on the cinnamon, making it a bit to sweet for my taste.  I was in heaven with their Almond Balls and Cacao Flaxseed Brownie.  They also had muffins and chocolate chip cookies.

If you are in the beach area, do yourself a favor and drop in!  If you do, let me know what you think in the comments section below.