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Monday, April 7, 2014

Why Seeds Aren't Just For Birds!

VeegMama's Guide to Seeds

Are seeds a daily part of your diet?  If not, you are missing out on some fantastic benefits for yourself.  They are protein rich, full of important nutrients like fiber, calcium, and iron, to name just a few.  In addition, seeds offer such goodies as diabetes prevention (flaxseed), weight maintenance (chia seeds), and cancer protection (sunflower seeds).  Sprinkled in salads and vegan bowls, as well as mixed in soups and baked goods, seeds are a simple way to boost up your daily nutrients and give yourself a little extra preventive health love.

But, don't take my word for it, check out this great guide on seeds that I found in last month's issue of Real Simple, and read below for some of the ways I use my favorite seeds.

Chia seeds - I use these as a thickening agent in smoothies, shakes and baking.  There is so much you can do with chia seeds!

Flax seeds - I like these sprinkled in a salad, but also use them mixed with water as a congealer in baking.

Hemp seeds - This is my favorite seed!  I sprinkle them on salads and toss a few into my vegan bowls.  Hemp Hearts is my go-to brand.

Pumpkin seeds - These add some great crunch to any salad.

Sesame seeds - Sprinkled on soba noodles and rolled in vegetable sushi, I add these seeds to anything I make that falls into the Asian category.

Sunflower seeds - Another great addition to any salad, especially kale, they also make a great vegan cheese when combined with almonds.

How do you like your seeds?  Share the seed love in the comments section below!