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Friday, December 21, 2012

5 Homemade Gifts That Kids Can Make

My kids love the holidays for many reasons, but I have to admit that the anticipation of the gifts they will receive is at the top of their list.  I was delighted this year that my children (well, my nine and six year-old) are just as excited to give as receive this year.  They put a lot of thought into their gifts for their siblings, and really surprised me with the time they decided to invest in making gifts instead of purchasing.  Ah, the spirit of the season is alive and well in our home.  Thank you, Santa!

Here are five of my kids' favorites to make and gift:

Handmade photo frame painted by six year-old
Photo frame

1. Photo frame - I just adore this frame that my six year-old made.  She did it all herself.  Using a pre-cut block of wood (try Michael's or your local wood store), have your child paint their masterpiece on the wood "canvas."  After it dries, glue a picture of your child and a loved one.

Homemade coloring book made by a nine year-old
Coloring book

2. Coloring book - My nine year-old made her own coloring book for her siblings this Hanukkah (her idea).  They were perfect gifts for her sister and brother, who both love to color.

Homemade cookies by mom and nine year-old
Holiday cookies

3. Cookies - My daughters and I had so much fun baking these treats to give to a few of our family friends.  They had so much pride, delivering them, telling them how they helped bake them.

Snowman ornament from Spoonful
Dangling snowman ornament

4. Ornaments - My kids made these cute ornaments with their Girl Scout trips this year to give to a local women's shelter and their children.  It was a party making them and they turned out super cute.

Homemade bead bracelet made by eight year-old
Homemade bracelet

5. Jewelry - My six year-old loves to make jewelry almost as much as she enjoys wearing it!  She loved the bracelet she received from her sister.

Do you have any gifts that the kids in your life like to make and give?