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- Gandhi

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just Pin It!

I have been in Spring cleaning mode - everything from my closet drawers to my computer desktop.  It feels good to purge, dust and organize.  When it comes to my email inbox, I am especially flooded with information.  Some of that is junk, but lots of it is stuff I want to read and remember or placehold for inspiration later on.  That is why I just love Pinterest.  I finally got on the "pinning" bandwagon a few months ago, but only recently have been maximizing the awesomeness of this incredible resource.

I have been using it for all kinds of stuff.  Think of it as mini bulletin boards that you can pin things up on to remember for later.  Here are some ideas to get you thinking about how you can use your Pinterest boards and/or add to your existing boards.

Recipe Box - Create a board for recipes you want to try, recipes you love, etc.

Party Planning - I create a board for each party I plan so I can placehold ideas for inspiration and things I want to copy for my own party.

Book List - Create a board for your personal book recommendations or books you want to read so you can remember for later when someone asks you "What's good to read?" or you need a book for that weekend getaway.

Wish List - This is one of my favorite boards - a collection of all the goodies I have come across that I want to buy myself!

DIY Project Look Books - Have a room you want to redecorate or weekend warrior project?  Create an online look book with all of your ideas and resources so they are all in one place.  I recently did this when I redecorated my backyard.

Once you get started, more boards will organically come out of your interests and browsing.  Have fun and start pinning!  You can check out my boards here.