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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Where To Eat: Lyfe Kitchen

Lyfe Kitchen restaurant in Culver City offers healthy vegan fare
Lyfe Kitchen Culver City
LYFE Kitchen (stands for Love Your Food Everyday) is a cool concept for a restaurant: fresh, natural ingredients (preservative free) that are quickly prepared to give you delicious meals.  It is essentially the closest thing you'll find to a healthy fast food restaurant.

Their second restaurant opened in Culver City last month so my hubby and I thought we'd try it out.    They serve breakfast (their breakfast menu looks really good!), lunch and dinner and have separate vegan and gluten free menus, making it very easy to order.  I really like that there were lots of choices for me, while my hubby could still get non vegan fare.  All of the menu items list the caloric and sodium information.  Tal Ronnen, founder of Gardein products (and restauranteur - see my previous post on his new restaurant Crossroads), is one of the chefs so Gardein products are featured in some of the menu items (which I love).

I ordered a simple wrap for lunch, but would love to try all of the salads and veggies (their brussell sprouts and baby kale salad look yummy) on the menu.  They also have a chips and guacamole item that looks delicious.

Here's the info.

Info: 8540 Washington Blvd, Culver City,, (310) 507-7955;  Their original location is in Palo Alto.

Setting: Modern and casual

Service: You order at the counter and someone brings your food to the table.  It's a bit laid back, but the staff is friendly.

Kids menu: Yes

Prices: Starters $6-8; Salads $9; Entrees $9-15; Sandwiches and Burgers $8-10

What We Ordered: I got the quinoa crunch wrap, which had veggies, avocado, edamame hummus, rice and beans rolled together in a whole wheat tortilla.  It came with a hot sauce on the side that was too spicy for me.  It wasn't the best wrap I ever had, but definitely tasty.  My husband ordered their chicken sandwich that he really liked.  We also ordered some baked sweet potato fries (always a table pleaser).

Overall, I really love the concept and would like to visit again to give some of the rest of the menu a try.  It is definitely a great casual dining option for the family.

Quinoa Crunch Wrap